Learning Indonesian Shortcuts – The Easy Way

If you are in great hurry to learn Bahasa Indonesia, there are shortcuts to the learning process. There are many options but if you are really serious to speak Bahasa Indonesia in the shortest time possible, you can enroll for the small group class offered by Indonesian language school Singapore. If attending school is not your thing, you can take tuition courses that are designed for one-on-one learning process. Your lessons can be arranged according to your strict schedule so that you can learn at your pace.

learn bahasa indonesiaShortcuts to learning Bahasa Indonesia

Taking a language learning course at Indonesian language school Singapore is just the first step. The small group class will take you from being a beginner to intermediate level in just 20 hours of training. It will provide you with the solid foundation and courage to test your Bahasa Indonesia conversational skills. Other tricks to shorten the process of being bilingual include:

  • Commitment – this sounds too obvious but if you really want to learn to speak Bahasa Indonesia the shortest time possible, be motivated. Without proper motivation, you will easily get bored and lose your interest over time. No matter your reasons for taking a small group course through Indonesian language school Singapore, it is crucial to commit yourself to the task.
  • Have fun – when you take a language learning course in a classroom setting, make the most from out it. Build friendships with your fellow students so that they will be more than willing to practice with you. Practice is a shortcut to learning Bahasa Indonesia. Practice whenever there is an opportunity.
  • Learn like a child – many people have misconceptions about adults learning a new language. Children learn faster and easier but you can always imitate a child. For example, get rid of your inhibitions and do not be embarrassed to practice what you have learned from the 20 hours of training. Learn from your mistakes and admit that you are not perfect. Soon enough, you will see the improvements.
  • Listen – one of the shortcuts to learning Bahasa Indonesia is listening to natives speak. As you become exposed to the right way Bahasa Indonesia is spoken, you will become more familiar with the language. Listening will allow you to imagine how words are pronounced. Look at the way their mouths move to achieve the sounds.
  • Travel to Indonesia – immersion is one of the easiest ways to master a new language. Once you are in Indonesia, converse using the sentences you learned through Indonesian language school Singapore. It can be uncomfortable but why not use Bahasa to order food in a restaurant? The natives may smile at your mistakes but your efforts will be appreciated. Your trip to Indonesia will be more meaningful because you were able to practice your acquired skills.

Being able to start a conversation is already a reward. Start with the greeting and then introduce yourself. When the person speaks back to you, you have reached a milestone. As you go on, you will find yourself becoming more at ease with the language.

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