How a Singapore French Teacher can make your life easier

If you want to learn French yourself, or you wish to hire a French teacher for your kids, do you know any French teacher in Singapore who is suitable for the job?

You can meet a native French speaker at your office or home to learn French Singapore. You can invite him to a coffee shop or talk with him over Skype. There is no need to buy any different material for studying as the French teacher can take classes, assign homework to you and give you notes.

The lessons on the French language offered by LTS French tuition in Singapore are the most effective. You can also get a Singapore French teacher in eguide.

Highlights of course

  1. LTS offers a customized course to every individual through private coaching.
  2. The private classes are very enjoyable.
  3. The professional French teachers will help you to pick up the language very quickly.
  4. You can learn a foreign language while you are in Singapore.
  5. LTS has a long experience of finding a good French teacher for every student.

life easyAbout Singapore as a destination for learning languages

The completely modern and cosmopolitan City-state of Singapore is home to a large number of people who come from a variety of cultures such Chinese, Malaysian, Eurasian and Indian. The richness of the multiple cultures existing alongside each other in Singapore gets reflected by the high number of languages that are spoken by the people. It makes the city a perfect destination for learning foreign languages.

Different locations in city-state

Out of the total 63 numbers of islands in the country, most of the population lives on the diamond-shaped main island. The main Singapore Island is also called Pulau Ujong and has the biggest area and is the most populous. The island with 710 square kilometers area and 5 million people is the 31st island in the world which has the densest population. The standard of living in Singapore is extremely high which is not there in other countries with a high population density.

Sprawling residential areas with facilities have grown up all around the center of the city. The language programs are offered only by the institutions located in the center of the city.

Benefits and challenges

  • The cost of living – It is one of the best places to live in as the crime rate is low, the political scene is stable, offers a cosmopolitan lifestyle, has an excellent infrastructure and a high standard of healthcare. All these benefits are available at a premium with the cost of living going up in constantly.
  • Nightlife in city – It is very easy to make new friends in the country as it a has a large number of expatriates living here coming from various cultural backgrounds. Having drinks at the bar or food at the restaurants or getting entertainment in the city can be a bit costly. Though you can find many deals offered for “happy hours,” you will have to pay a “sin tax” imposed by the government for drinking alcoholic beverages.

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