Modern Ways to learn English

Technology plays a key role in the process of learning English. The internet provides many of the tools that can be used to learn English. The process of online learning has become more engaging and appealing particularly since the tools can be accessed in different platforms. Students that aspire to learn English can make use of their mobile devices that allow them to study even when on the go.

english languageHow modern technology is used to learn English

  1. Film and video are free resources that make learning English significantly interesting. An overwhelming number of videos can be accessed through YouTube channels where a student can listen and watch a native English speaker. Movies are available online and they provide an effective way to learn and practice. Repetition is the key here and you should not mind watching a movie several times to understand the dialogue.
  2. Mobile apps are available for Android and Apple phones. Apps for learning English make vocabulary and grammar exercises fun and interesting. When you search online for the language learning apps, remember that not all the apps are of high quality. However, some hardware and software have been enhanced to increase functionality. There are apps that can track a student’s progress by testing the knowledge on several topics like verbs, prepositions, etc.
  3. With the internet, it has become easy to stream radio stations in other countries. Check out a station with professional English speakers where English is spoken clearly. You can always listen to these people talking while you are driving your car to work or during your lunch break. You may not immediately understand what they are saying but as you consistently listen, some words will become familiar.
  4. Practice your writing skills by sending emails using English. It can be challenging the first time you do it but one of the tricks is to use the spelling and grammar checker of your computer. If there are words you want to write, use a dictionary with translations to know the meaning. It will require a lot of efforts being able to compose an email in English but if you are properly motivated, you will gradually learn how it is properly done.
  5. Online games in English are fun and they can help you learn English in an entertaining way. What kind of games should you play? There is Scrabble, GameZone, Power Words, etc that is focused for young learners but it won’t hurt because it will help in being familiar with some English words.
  6. Read blogs online or join forums. An overwhelming number of blogs can be accessed on online. Many of the blogs are very interesting. You may even come across some blogs that provide tricks and tips to learn English easily. One of these days, you can use your best efforts to write a blog. Practicing your writing skills will help you become more proficient in English.

There are many other resources online that will allow you to practice your speaking and listening skills. These online tools will supplement what is being taught in the language learning centers.

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