Doing LASIK in Singapore is gaining popularity in China

Ever since Lasik was introduced as a form of eye treatment to gain clear vision from those suffering from astigmatism, nearsightedness and farsightedness, thousands of people have undertaken the surgical procedure. Lasik in Singapore is fast gaining popularity in China because of the positive results enjoyed by patients after the laser eye surgery. Eye doctors in Singapore are being recognized globally by their peers due to their achievements in delivering better eye care. You can check Zednetwork LASIK Singapore Twitter account, LASIK provider on and Zednetwork LASIK Singapore on Foursquare for providers of Lasik eye surgery in Singapore.

Why Lasik is gaining popularity in Singapore

Individuals who are wearing eyeglasses and contact lens will tell you how inconvenient and uncomfortable the devices is that is why they have opted for the Lasik solution. If you will consider worldwide statistics on the number of individuals who have undergone Lasik eye surgery, you will be overwhelmed. Millions of people have benefited from clear vision after they undergone laser eye surgery.

lasik surgeryAccording to recent reports, there is a very high prevalence of myopia in Singapore. Myopia can be treated by wearing prescription eyeglasses but it is likely to progress in a more severe form like complications and reduced vision. Myopia can be easily treated through Lasik eye surgery so that the patient will enjoy 20/20 vision. However, many people have heard of Lasik but they lack clear understanding of the procedure and what it can really accomplish. If you are considering Lasik, visit Zednetwork LASIK Singapore Twitter account or Facebook page of Singapore’s LASIK Surgeon for possible Lasik eye surgery providers.

How does Lasik work?

Lasik is a surgical procedure that uses an excimer laser to reshape the corneas so that refractive errors can be corrected and improve the vision of the patient. During the Lasik procedure, the shape of the cornea is altered in a unique pre-specified pattern for a patient. The trained eye surgeon will create a precise and thin-hinged corneal flap through the use of a microkeratome, a surgical instrument with an oscillating blade designed to create a corneal flap. There is another method of creating the corneal flap through a high energy laser called the femtosecond laser instead of the blade. A more popular term for this bladeless laser eye surgery is IntraLase.

Finding the right doctor in Singapore

Technology has made it easy to research for a good Lasik eye surgery provider in Singapore. A few clicks on the mouse can lead you to either Zednetwork LASIK Singapore Twitter account or Facebook page of Singapore’s LASIK Surgeon. One of the benefits of being able to access these providers through social media is the presence of comments from previous patients who have undergone the surgical procedure. The levels of risk vary slightly depending on the skills and experience of the eye doctor. It makes sense not to settle for the first eye doctor you found through Google search results. Remember that your decisions will affect your vision and lifestyle. Make the effort to choose the best among the best to gain the most excellent results.

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