Better work on your own Chinese first

Before you laugh at the way the Chinese speak English, you had better work hard on your Mandarin. A native Chinese speaker will often find it a challenge to learn English but on the other hand, learning to speak Mandarin for a native English speaker is also a torture. For an English speaker, it can be easier to learn German because it shares a common trait with English. German phonetics and pronunciations are rather comfortable for English speakers. However, Mandarin is a totally different thing because it does not have an alphabet but relies on the symbols of the logographic to represent words.

Why do you need to improve your Mandarin speaking skills?

dragon-152718_640The Chinese language is beautiful and mysterious and many have been interested to learn the language because of the unique writing system. However, more than anything else, the most obvious reason is for personal gain because Chinese businesses can be found everywhere and it is an advantage to be able to speak Mandarin. Over the last decade, China has become powerful and many foreigners are motivated to learn the language as it gives them an edge in the job market. Even corporate executives make an effort to learn Mandarin because it makes it easier to deal with Chinese investors. After the first level of Mandarin language learning course, an individual has the option to learn business Mandarin. If you are in Singapore whose population is predominantly Chinese, you better work in improving your Mandarin skills. You will soon realize how economically advantageous it is be able to converse in Mandarin even if you fail to speak it fluently.

How can you improve your Mandarin speaking skills?

There is no dearth for Mandarin learning schools in Singapore. You have a wide range of options from schools that are affiliated to universities and private schools that offer an intensive learning process that will allow you to speak Mandarin in the shortest time possible. If it is your first time to study Mandarin, you start from level one where you will learn the basics and practical aspects of the language. You can try a free class before get admission to any course. After completing the conversational Mandarin course, you can proceed to the business Mandarin course where your fluency in Mandarin can be enhanced. You can gain the ability to talk in the Chinese language with confidence. The business Mandarin course is ideal for businessmen who have set their sights on doing business with the Chinese. Aside from the improvement in conversational Mandarin, the business course is designed to teach business correspondence and contract terms. A higher level can be customized to accommodate your needs and it can be tailored according the specific needs to support the business goals.

Studies have proven that many individuals make an effort to learn the Chinese language due to their rich history. The Chinese has a totally different culture with interesting traditions. It would be a good advantage to be able to speak Mandarin when you travel to China, Taipei and Hongkong as well as other countries in Southeast Asia where the Chinese language is widely spoken.

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