Fun visiting Shanghai

Shanghai is the largest city proper by population in the world and its population exceeded 24 million in 2013. The 6,340.5 km2 metropolis is located in the East of China, in the Yangtze River Delta, and it combines historical sites with modern architecture. It’s not difficult to guess that tourist attractions are endless in the city whose official flower is the Yulan magnolia. These are the top attractions you shouldn’t miss if you visit Shanghai:shanghai2

  • The Shanghai Museum

This museum of Ancient Chinese art is open every day from 9 AM to 5 PM and has a collection of over 120,000 objects, grouped in several permanent and temporary galleries. Exhibits include bronze, ceramics, sculpture, paintings, jades, seals, calligraphy, numismatics, crafts of Chinese minorities, and furniture.

  • The Oriental Pearl Radio and TV Tower

The 468 meters high tower is the 6th highest tower in the world and besides admiring its eleven steel spheres of different sizes, you have access to 3 main sightseeing floors. The highest sphere, called the Space Capsule, is 350 meters off the ground. Other attractions included in the Oriental Pearl Radio and TV Tower are a Fantasy World space, a restaurant, the aerial sightseeing corridor where you walk on transparent glass, and the Shanghai Municipal History Museum.

  • The Nanjing Road

No trip is complete without shopping, and you will find plenty of interesting items on the 5.5 km long shopping street called the Nanjing Road. There are more than 600 businesses operating there, including famous brands, international fast-food chains, and traditional stores from where you can purchase jade, clock, embroidery, silk and other Chinese goods.

  • The Shanghai Aquarium

The main attraction at the Shanghai Aquarium is Bruce, a huge goldfish which is 43,5 cm (17 inches) long. Here you will be able to visit the world’s longest underwater tunnel and view a wide selection of Asian fish.

  • The World Financial Tower

The World Financial Tower is the second highest building in Shanghai; it is 492 meters high and it includes 104 floors (three of them are underground). The building hosts observation decks, offices, hotels, conference rooms, and commercial centers. The highest observation deck is at 474 m above ground, on the 100th floor.

  • The Shanghai Maglev Train

This magnetic suspension train is used for both transport and touristic purposes, and its speed reaches 430 km/h. The line between the Long Yang Stop of the no. 2 subway and the Pu Dong International Airport is 30 km long and is covered in just 8 minutes.

  • The Yuyuan Garden and Bazaar

The Yuyuan Garden was considered for a long time the best garden in southeast China and it has been established four centuries ago, during the Ming dynasty. The garden has a five acres surface, and in spite of its small size, it abounds in attractions like halls, rockeries, cloisters, ponds, and pavilions. At the garden’s entrance, there is a 14 meters tall rockery, called the Great Rockery, which is the oldest and the largest attraction of its kind in the southern region of Yangtze.

There are dozens of other places where you can have fun in Shanghai, but we have included in our list only some of the most important and representative destinations. What other places would you include on a short list of Shanghai tourist sites?